About Maria

Neakahnie overlook in Oregon photographing nesting birds

Neakahnie overlook in Oregon photographing nesting birds


Maria started Visual Grease in 1999 because she saw a need for local companies to have an online presence. She combined web development with her ongoing graphic design to create consistent brand identities that helped small businesses position themselves in the marketplace. Today, Maria specializes in creating visual imagery for marketing campaigns, and product photography.

Inspired by the love of the outdoors, Maria feels natural behind the camera and enjoys experimenting with alternative (ALT) image capture and printmaking processes such as salt printing, cyanotype, photo encaustic, and various other techniques.

Maria enjoys traveling with her husband and two Springer Spaniels in search of new places to fish and explore. They divide their time between Bozeman and the Oregon coast, two areas rich in natural beauty and filled with new things to see and explore.

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